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Tradefair Workshop

Don’t waste your marketing budget at your next trade fair – get off to a good start and increase the quality of your contact with potential customers. 
Our trade fair workshop prepares employees to represent their company competently at an international level.  Participants will leave the workshop with the language skills they need to be effective in explaining their company’s products and services, along with a communication plan so they can make the most out of every interaction.

Comprising input sessions along with plenty of opportunities for practice, participants create and give introductions about themselves and their companies, along with explanations of the products and services that their company supplies.  These are refined and practiced until participants have a clear, concise set of English “scripts” that will ensure your company gets maximum impact out of the interactions your stand personnel have with fair attendees.

Objectives of workshop

The workshop aims to develop the participant’s language skills specifically for a trade fair environment.  Content includes: 

  • >    Introducing yourself clearly and concisely
  • >    Engaging in effective small talk 
  • >    Introducing your company and highlighting what makes your company special 
  • >    Explaining your company’s products & services clearly and simply while also showing what makes them unique 
  • >    The vocabulary of trade fairs; your stand and your marketing materials

Download the Information sheet as a PDF here.