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Export Control in English

If your company exports its goods or services – you need to understand export control, and if you want to really understand export control then you and your staff need very good English. The E.U, multi-lateral regimes and, in particular U.S. ITAR and CCL regulations affect many German companies; not understanding these laws could result in significant penalties. It’s that simple. 

Our unique program, developed together with experts in the field of export control and delivered by highly experienced language trainers with diplomas in Export Control Compliance, gives you the vocabulary, English skills and confidence to talk about export control matters with your international contacts. 

Combining pre-workshop tasks and over 80 pages of study materials reviewed by experts, you will improve your specialist English vocabulary and skills through tasks, discussions and case studies of authentic export control issues – language training and competency building in one course. From the outset, we have planned this to not only increase language skills, but provide participants an opportunity to network and share professional knowledge – in English. 

We offer quarterly open workshops, or alternatively, book an in-company workshop for your complete Export Control department. In-company workshops offer the benefit of being customizable to your specific needs, E.g., focus on export control requirements for marketing or salesforces. We can also include your own materials and products in the training for even more authentic scenarios and tasks. 

Make sure you and your staff have the language skills required to do the job correctly. Investing in training now can help avoid problems and penalties later. 

Get in contact with us for more detailed information on how we can help you.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


An information sheet and registration form can be downloaded here.     



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